Extensions Application

The next step to creating your DREAM hair. 

Volume. Length. Health. Comfort.  Confidence.

  1. APPLY  |  Fill out our pre-consultation form where we will determine if we will meet your hair goals to guide your one on one consultation. 
  2. SCHEDULE  | Once submitted and read, we will be in contact with you to schedule a 40 minute, non refundable, $35  fee due at the time of booking. 
  3. CONSULT  |  Stylists will go over extension goals, price quote, color match, personal maintenance plan & home care instructions. 
  4. BOOK  | To reserve your extension installation appointment, 50% of quote given at consultation is due at time of booking with the remaining 50% due day of  installation. 
  5. APPOINMENT  | The maintenance plan discussed with your stylist is strongly encouraged to be booked BEFORE leaving the salon on installation day. Delaying maintenance appointments will result in added cost. The timing will depend on your hair texture, rate of growth, and how will you take care of your hair. During this time your extensions will be removed, refreshed, and re-installed. Your natural hair color will be discussed as needed at this time.

We will help you feel fully confident going in.

How to get started

Extensions Care Guide

Extensions Application

every 6-8 weeks
1-3 hour appointment

Undetectable handtied or low tension anchor row methods available. 


2+ rows of extensions
2-3 hour appointment

Add length to your hair with the added bonus of fullness.


1 Row of extensions
1 hour appointment

Clip-ins & Halo extensions


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