Extensions Care Guide

Brushing your extensions is very important, this will allow you to prevent tangles, while keeping your hair looking good. Only use products your stylist recommends, not only will you love our products,  but the quality and life of your extensions will last much longer.  

When hair is wet, start brushing tangles out ends and work your way up. 


Sleeping with a silk pillowcase not only feels great, but helps prevent tangling while sleeping. We also recommend sleeping with a loose braid or pony to avoid tangling or matting of extenstions. 


Be sure to only use shampoo and conditioners recommended to you by your stylist. Be sure to wash in between your tape in or handtied panels. 

Apply conditioner only from midshaft/ or low ponytail down. Keep the conditioner off of you scalp and panels to avoid any slippage. 


Be sure to ALWAYS blow dry your extensions, this will help the longevity of your extensions but also prevent matting and damage to your hair. We recommend drying panels one at a time roots to ends.

Be sure to press your extension panels together when you are blow drying. This will assure no slippage will happen. 


Chlorine is NOT hair-friendly. If entering a pool or ocean, apply leave in conditioner mid to ends and put in a ponytail. To avoid matting or tangles, no braids while swimming.

Stay away from sunscreens containing Avobenzone & Octocrylene. These ingredients in many sunscreens will cause your hair to turn orange. If your'e unsure if your sunscreen contains these ingredients, ask your stylist!